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Our experience has taught us, that any IT issue can be either fixed or worked around, and that all businesses need
diligent IT solutions implementation…

Client Testimonials:

Mark has been instrumental in keeping us running at an optimal level.  Since he moved us to the cloud with Office365 and Quickbooks, I can now focus on customers instead of worrying about my data.

Garrett Wallace

Coastal IT Solutions, has been amazing. They’ve be managing all 3 of our dealerships for the past 4 years. Now that we are all hooked up together, it has almost doubled our production.

Scarlet Floyd

Mark has been “my guy” for years. He even comes to our house to work on our home network. Now he’s taken over Dave’s Welding business as well. I would recommend Mark and Coastal to anyone looking for great service.

Jeanne Bell

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Our wide scope of expertise allows us to help miscellaneous types of businesses in any given niche, regardless of it being a software or a hardware failure issue…

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